About Showing Up

Hi, my name is Hilman, a developer from Indonesia.

As someone, who has so many hobbies, I struggle to keep focusing on doing one thing. That's why I make this simple tool. This tool can help me track what's my current task/hobby/habit, that I want to focus on.

Features like note-taking, habit tracker, pomodoro timer, etc.., are normally available on separate apps, that's why I want to collect every productivity-related tool in one single app.

What's with the name?

My favorite writer, Seth Godin, explains it better. Read about the importance of showing up everyday

Is my data safe?

You don't need to register any email, let alone a password. I use 'localstorage' in a browser, which means, your data is only available for you to see.

How to change my name / goal ?

Go to Setting Page

Any Feedback/Question/Request?

What do you think? Let me know your honest opinion.

Feel free to contact me at twitter @hilmanski